On Moving Babies

Getting the kid out of the house takes more preparation than a NASA launch.

“Baby changed and dry?”


“Onsie in place?”


“Outer Fleece Weather Shielding?”


“Auxiliary extremity shielding for the Lieutenant?”


“Stroller unit de-collapsed and functional?”


“Bassinet staging has been switched with Launching Stroller Unit for take-off?”


“Auxiliary portable diaper-support system fully stocked and situated in the stroller staging?”


“Stroller weather shielding adjusted and ready?”


“Baby toys?”


“Parental Technician Units shielded and ready?”



“Double- check.”

“All equipment on launching platform ready to go?”


“Ready to commence countdown?”


“Repeat, Ready to commence countdown?”




“Negative. The Lieutenant is crying and wants lunch. Cancel the Mission, repeat, cancel the mission.”

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  1. Shumit– I am so glad you’re still writing! No doubt your little one provides plenty of inspiration. Your stuff is hilarious — you should look into getting it published.

    • Thanks Radhika, I will. How’s the writing group? Still cranking? Hope so!

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