An Exercise in Futility

So here it is.

My carefully crafted, dairy-free-to avoid lacto-galactase-infant-allergy-with-cashew-almond-garlic-paste-replacement-cheese-herbal-breastmilk-encouraging-galactogen-which-I-read-the-importance-of-in-the-breast-milk-book-and-modified-to-make-a-tasty-crust-on-the-seminal-night-of-our-first-weekly-friday-night-“pizza, and a movie”-tradition-to-encourage-family-values…


It took so long to make, mom and baby G are knocked out. In bed. For the night.

Looks like I’m eatin’ alone.


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In Search of Dads

Well, I posted my ad to craigslist, as everyone has been suggesting. It reads thusly:

“Looking for any other stay-at-home dads to form a group. Or something. Like Mom’s groups, except masculine and maybe no need to bring a casserole. We could meet up and do manly dad things like….umm…..bottlefeed, change diapers, maybe talk about sports. Although I don’t much like sports, I’m willing to pretend, for the sake of company. If we feel so inspired, we could talk about our feelings, although I sort of get enough of that at home. Maybe we could just grunt about them. Really I have no idea. Never done this before, Dad group or even have a kid for that matter. Drop me a line. If we get enough of us, we could all practice Using Our Words, and won’t the moms be impressed then?

We’ll see what kind of luck I have on this one….

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