Monkey Puzzle Tree

I believe this level of recycling finally gets me my ‘Californian’ card.

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  1. Pretty awesome. You could make money like that. We spent like $70 on unfinished american maple blocks for Nora for Christmas, because I wanted something non toxic that I knew for sure didn’t come from rainforest wood and had a lot of pieces.

    • Yea, the question now comes up: Do christmas trees have pesticides? Being a Michigander by birth, methinks not. They grow ’em up in the samd in the UP, simply because it’s the only thing that’ll grow, and conifers aren’t too susceptible to pests, as they are chock full ‘o’ tannins. Maybe I SHOULD consider this as a seasonal business.

  2. Oh, yeah, you are definitely a native now!

  3. Hmmm, could qualify you for a “Most Californian Dad” award. Good job, (even if you don’t win the MCD).

    • I declare the MCD awards open. Applicants may apply. I apply. Applications now closed. I WON!!!

  4. Well done!

  5. yeah, you could charge people a fee to take peoples christmas trees from them and then make blocks from the trees too. though you’d probably have to rent a truck since you have one of the smallest cars in the universe. or maybe you could strap it atop the car. anywho, I really like this project, nice documentation. well done.

  6. Hey Shumit! Check this out:
    Your blog is way cooler than these.
    Great use of the Christmas Tree by the way.

  7. Don’t know how I only just saw this, but that’s awesome. You’re definitely a Californian now.

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