Use Your Words

The doctor asks

“How are her words? Does she know any body parts yet?”

The only word G will say reliably is “Cat!” Yes, she says it when she sees the Cat….and a dog, a bird, any type of food and sometimes for the joy of saying “Cat!”

She has one other word, the American Sign Language symbol for “more”, although as far as she is concerned, it means “Do what I want you to do, right now.”

We’ve been working on nose, more to get her to touch my nose gently rather than for the vocabulary aspect of it. Still, I try and heed the doctor’s advice, so we started working on more facial features.

Today we re-enforced ‘nose’, practiced ‘ear’ learned ‘mouth’ as well as “Oh F**K OH F**K F**K That’s my EYE LETITGO THAT’SMYWHOLEF**KING EYEBALL!!!”

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