At the Zoo.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about humans, and how weird we are. Specifically, I’ve been thinking about how much effort it takes for all of us to to have to swallow our tongues when presented with absolutely ABSURD ideas, and how much that taxes out brains. Example: Sarah Palin for President. My grey matter lacks the associated muscles to twist it into those kind of pretzels.

We are asked- A LOT- to ignore the obvious, and I can’t help but wonder if it takes it’s toll.

We were at the Zoo, fresh from the Grizzly Bear feeding. They throw salmon and apples in the Bear pond, and let ’em rip into it, ‘catching’ their own prey while we watch from the viewing window. It is very difficult to get a good seat.

All we saw was a Bear dejectedly eating an apple as a consolation prize (ripped off!). Fortunately, by the ‘Big Cats’ Exhibit afterwards, a male lion started to bellow. And I mean BELLOW. He was making an almost alien sound, a loud gutterel throng, an uvula slapping around in the back of his throat in a way that live meat hasn’t since the last whale childbirth, and we ran forth.

Think of this. How many thousands of years of evolutionary programming must we have overridden to think-

“Loud, Powerful Predator Cat? GOTTA SEE THAT! Oh, my precious, helpless charge can’t SEE? I’ll fight to get you a GOOD SPOT to make EYE CONTACT WITH HIM! I want to make sure HE KNOWS YOU ARE THERE!

More on this later.

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  1. My lasting memory of the Calcutta Zoo was seeing an elephant in a too small cage, giant leg iron around his leg, getting pelted by peanuts thrown by kids as they were laughing away. The only zoo I’ve been to since was Lincoln Park and that’s only because it’s free and there are concerts there sometimes.

    • See, now, years make all the difference. My memory of the Calcutta zoo was that it was the one place that reminded me of home- we’d been to the Detroit zoo at that point. There’s nothing but weird there.

  2. Funny. But true.

    But it’s a different story when you hear a mountain lion wail in the middle of the night, 40 miles from pavement. That programming is still there. Must be contextual suspension of primal fear.

    • That glass wall makes all the difference.

  3. So the Detroit Zoo has an exhibit where we get to walk through their habitat!! Now that sounds like fun right? So as we humans quietly walk along a path scared shitless that one is going to jump up and kick the jack out of us- they just sit under s tree and look at us stupidly. But wow what an idea eh?

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